Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Biggest Banyan Tree

Biggest banyan tree
There is a giant banyan tree which is situated at Kaliganj Upazila in Jhinaidah district. It is considered as the biggest banyan tree in Asia. The name of the place is Bethuli (Shuitala) which is 6 kilometres on the east of Kaliganj Upazila Sadar. A person can go there by rickshaw or other human hauler from Kaliganj main bus stand.

The biggest banyan tree is locally called 'bishawbat' which is 250 years old. It is mainly in the bank side of a river. The breeze makes the tree even more beautiful to watch. During summer, local people arrange a fair under the Banyan tree. The area is so beautiful that this untraditional space is known to people of whole northern region of the country. The large tree attracts all the nature loving persons.

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